May 20

The cute scene in chapter 22 with Dain and Galis is based on a true story.  Several years ago, my hubby was sound asleep on a Maui beach.   I woke him with an elbow to the ribs and whispered, "You really want to see this," as a blonde goddess strolled by in a yellow thong bikini.  At dinner that evening, he mentioned the woman hadn't been wearing a wedding ring.  I was pleased he had noticed she had hands.  I commented that with her hair braided under her little hat, I thought she resembled Bo Derek.  My sweet hubby of only 18 months turned to me with the blankest expression I have ever seen.  "She was wearing a hat?"  Apparently, his appraisal of her had not made it to her head.  I laughed so hard that people across the restaurant turned to look at me.  Now, whenever I point out a pretty girl, the first thing he says is whether or not she's wearing a hat.

© Carol Blackhurst 2011